Scientists have identified the best way to store rapeseed

Scientists have identified the best way to store rapeseed

Scientists have conducted several studies on the best way to store rapeseed, which showed very similar results. AgroTimes reports.

Three small silos of 6 m diameter were used for testing, in which rapeseed was stored throughout the winter and remained in the summer.

Each silo was equipped with nine sensors inside the seed mass, two sensors in free space and one near the aeration fan.

In the first silo, no manipulations were performed and the seeds were left dormant. In the second, aeration was performed to even out the temperature profile.

In the third silo, about 20% was unloaded and turned back to the top of it to equalize the temperature inside by moving the mass.

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Monitoring of temperature and relative humidity began in early June. Initial analysis showed that rapeseed was very dry, with an average moisture content of 6.5%, and very cold.

The farmer switched on the fans in all three silos in winter when the outside air temperature was -30 ° C, so the seeds and summer were quite cold (-17 to -25 ° C).

Monitoring continued throughout the summer and no hot spots or moisture migration were observed. However, unstable conditions were observed in the second and third silos, where the aeration and movement of the seeds were performed.

Aeration caused the passage of warm air through very cold seeds. Moving the seeds in the third silo caused the warm mass to fall into the cold middle.

In both cases, contact with heat may occur, which can often lead to condensation. However, nothing really happened because the rapeseed was too dry and there was no excess moisture in the silos.

Even the warm outside air did not bring enough moisture to condense on the cold seeds.

However, the first silo showed the most stable conditions because it had no such sharp temperature transitions. Instead, it had a large but gradual temperature gradient.

By the end of July, the seed temperature was still below 0 ° C in the center of the silo and gradually increased to 20-25 ° C near the walls.

Thinks much better with ice cream in the morning

Brain performance increases with a cold dessert in the morning.

Japanese scientists conducted a study in which they found out an important thing.

If you eat ice cream in the morning, then it is thought “easier.”

 Brain activity increases when this cold and sweet dessert enters the body.

During the start of research, volunteers were divided into two blocks of people.

Consequently, the first group every morning “ate” a sweet cold dessert, and the second – ordinary breakfast foods.

Note that the group number 1 “thought” better.

In the human brain, when hit by cold, alpha waves with a huge amplitude are activated.

It is they who are able to increase attention and concentration.

The thought process “had” to work faster.

But a specific ingredient that is important for good “thinking” has not yet been identified.

Soon another study will be held.

NASA published a unique image of Saturn made by the Hubble telescope

“This year, a telescope shot shows that the storm that was captured in 2018 has disappeared. Small storms appear, ”the agency said in a statement.

The picture shows that the image of the system of rings of Saturn is directed towards the Earth. Scientists also say that in the photo you can see the detailed structure of the rings.

Recall that the amateur astronomer from Ukraine Gennady Borisov discovered the second interstellar object in the solar system in the entire history of space research.

The trajectory of the celestial body was calculated using the Orbit Simulator resource. The Ukrainian made his discovery on August 30, but only now told the world about it.

A celestial body arriving from interstellar space was named C / 2019 Q4. At the moment, a group of international scientists is already studying it.

HTC sales again fell twice

HTC reported on its sales in August. During this time, the company earned a total of 0.73 billion NTD, or about 23.5 million US dollars. Even if we assume that sales of Vive and accessories make up a small part, and best of all, budget smartphones of the Desire series (and not U12 + / U19e) go, no more than one hundred thousand devices were sold. The total market volume per month is more than 100 million devices – that is, HTC’s share is below 0.1%. It is worth noting that the August results are much better than the July results (then the revenue was 0.44 billion NTD), but two times lower than last year (1.39 billion NTD). Thus, now sales make up only 1.62% of the record (September 2011), that is, over 8 years they have fallen by almost 62 times.

Google Camera 7.0 with Pixel 4: What’s New?

Google will soon release its fourth-generation Pixel smartphones, with a new version of the camera app installed. The Vietnamese YouTube channel ReLab has shared with Google Camera 7.0 the installer APK of XDA-Delelopers, and the app is partially compatible with the Pixel smartphones already released.

The application interface has undergone a major change, with new options including fine-tuning.
Shooting modes are displayed below the camera switch, shutter button, and gallery window.
The top bar with timer, flash switch and other options has been replaced by the menu that appears above the viewfinder. By default, this menu is hidden and the menu content depends on the shooting mode selected.
Night mode adds infinity focus for shooting the starry sky.
Long press on the shutter button while shooting takes HD movie recording as long as this button is pressed (the same feature is available on the iPhone 11). Previously, this was how serial shooting worked.
Time Laps shows tips for choosing the best shooting speed in different situations.

You can download the Google Camera 7.0 APK from APK Mirror, but the performance of the application is not guaranteed.

Huawei introduced laptops on Linux

Huawei has a series of laptops called MateBook on Windows. But now the company has announced a new version of MateBook on Linux. It turns out that Huawei and Deepin Linux have already carried out “long-term adaptation work”. Deepin is an open source operating system based on a stable Debian branch. It introduces a Qt-based DDE, a Deepin Desktop environment.

The manufacturer has demonstrated three new models on Linux, namely: Huawei MateBook 13, MateBook X Pro and MateBook 14. These have been demonstrated at the official Huawei mall. Interestingly, two of them are ¥ 300 (₴ ₴ 1050 / $ 42) cheaper than the Windows version. It is worth noting that Honor recently released a version of MagicBook Pro Ruilong, which also has an early version of the technology and comes pre-installed with Linux.

Although Huawei spoke little and did not speak about the purpose of developing these versions of laptops, it is logical to assume that the main reason is the situation with the United States. Although the company has developed its own Harmony OS, a more mature Linux system is also a good choice. Agree, in this sense, Deepin Linux is a good choice. Especially against the backdrop of endless problems with Windows.

OnePlus announces the launch date for the new gadgets on September 16

Chinese OnePlus will announce new product launches on September 16th. The company wrote about it on Twitter, posting a thematic poster and saying that “tomorrow will be a beautiful day”.

This was confirmed by the authoritative Indian insider Ishan Agarwal. According to him, the first event to announce the announcement of smartphones line 7T, will be held in the UK, and the second – on September 26 in New Delhi, India. As part of the latest presentation, the manufacturer will announce its first OnePlus TV.

Previously, the specifications of the 7T and 7T Pro devices were disclosed on the network. New features include the Snapdragon 855 Plus 8-core processor, OLED displays, triple main cameras, and Android 10. The T-Series is the first to receive a three-time capture function.

Steve Hemmerstofer, known as OnLeaks, calls the date of the presentation of smartphones October 10. If so, it will be known tomorrow – September 16.