Google Camera 7.0 with Pixel 4: What’s New?

Google Camera 7.0 with Pixel 4: What’s New?

Google will soon release its fourth-generation Pixel smartphones, with a new version of the camera app installed. The Vietnamese YouTube channel ReLab has shared with Google Camera 7.0 the installer APK of XDA-Delelopers, and the app is partially compatible with the Pixel smartphones already released.

The application interface has undergone a major change, with new options including fine-tuning.
Shooting modes are displayed below the camera switch, shutter button, and gallery window.
The top bar with timer, flash switch and other options has been replaced by the menu that appears above the viewfinder. By default, this menu is hidden and the menu content depends on the shooting mode selected.
Night mode adds infinity focus for shooting the starry sky.
Long press on the shutter button while shooting takes HD movie recording as long as this button is pressed (the same feature is available on the iPhone 11). Previously, this was how serial shooting worked.
Time Laps shows tips for choosing the best shooting speed in different situations.

You can download the Google Camera 7.0 APK from APK Mirror, but the performance of the application is not guaranteed.

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