Huawei introduced laptops on Linux

Huawei introduced laptops on Linux

Huawei has a series of laptops called MateBook on Windows. But now the company has announced a new version of MateBook on Linux. It turns out that Huawei and Deepin Linux have already carried out “long-term adaptation work”. Deepin is an open source operating system based on a stable Debian branch. It introduces a Qt-based DDE, a Deepin Desktop environment.

The manufacturer has demonstrated three new models on Linux, namely: Huawei MateBook 13, MateBook X Pro and MateBook 14. These have been demonstrated at the official Huawei mall. Interestingly, two of them are ¥ 300 (₴ ₴ 1050 / $ 42) cheaper than the Windows version. It is worth noting that Honor recently released a version of MagicBook Pro Ruilong, which also has an early version of the technology and comes pre-installed with Linux.

Although Huawei spoke little and did not speak about the purpose of developing these versions of laptops, it is logical to assume that the main reason is the situation with the United States. Although the company has developed its own Harmony OS, a more mature Linux system is also a good choice. Agree, in this sense, Deepin Linux is a good choice. Especially against the backdrop of endless problems with Windows.

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