Scientists have identified the best way to store rapeseed

Scientists have identified the best way to store rapeseed

Scientists have conducted several studies on the best way to store rapeseed, which showed very similar results. AgroTimes reports.

Three small silos of 6 m diameter were used for testing, in which rapeseed was stored throughout the winter and remained in the summer.

Each silo was equipped with nine sensors inside the seed mass, two sensors in free space and one near the aeration fan.

In the first silo, no manipulations were performed and the seeds were left dormant. In the second, aeration was performed to even out the temperature profile.

In the third silo, about 20% was unloaded and turned back to the top of it to equalize the temperature inside by moving the mass.

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Monitoring of temperature and relative humidity began in early June. Initial analysis showed that rapeseed was very dry, with an average moisture content of 6.5%, and very cold.

The farmer switched on the fans in all three silos in winter when the outside air temperature was -30 ° C, so the seeds and summer were quite cold (-17 to -25 ° C).

Monitoring continued throughout the summer and no hot spots or moisture migration were observed. However, unstable conditions were observed in the second and third silos, where the aeration and movement of the seeds were performed.

Aeration caused the passage of warm air through very cold seeds. Moving the seeds in the third silo caused the warm mass to fall into the cold middle.

In both cases, contact with heat may occur, which can often lead to condensation. However, nothing really happened because the rapeseed was too dry and there was no excess moisture in the silos.

Even the warm outside air did not bring enough moisture to condense on the cold seeds.

However, the first silo showed the most stable conditions because it had no such sharp temperature transitions. Instead, it had a large but gradual temperature gradient.

By the end of July, the seed temperature was still below 0 ° C in the center of the silo and gradually increased to 20-25 ° C near the walls.

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