Thinks much better with ice cream in the morning

Thinks much better with ice cream in the morning

Brain performance increases with a cold dessert in the morning.

Japanese scientists conducted a study in which they found out an important thing.

If you eat ice cream in the morning, then it is thought “easier.”

 Brain activity increases when this cold and sweet dessert enters the body.

During the start of research, volunteers were divided into two blocks of people.

Consequently, the first group every morning “ate” a sweet cold dessert, and the second – ordinary breakfast foods.

Note that the group number 1 “thought” better.

In the human brain, when hit by cold, alpha waves with a huge amplitude are activated.

It is they who are able to increase attention and concentration.

The thought process “had” to work faster.

But a specific ingredient that is important for good “thinking” has not yet been identified.

Soon another study will be held.

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